How to find if someone blocked you on Instagram account

Instagram is one of the best platforms where we share our photos and other personal experience. Sometimes some use unable to view a particle Instagram profile because they are blocked by Instagram account users. But how to find if someone blocked you on Instagram and you do not know.

Reasons behind why you blocked by someone on Instagram?

There are tons of reasons a person may be blocked you on Instagram because it is now impacts on our private life. We did not want to show your profiles to the others. There could be many reasons that a person blocked you on Instagram.

Here are some of the reasons

1. Maybe the person who blocked you is deactivated their account or it is permanently deleted.

2. The second reason to be suspended by Instagram for any violation

3. The Last Legion could be simply a person blocked you to reach into others account.

For the first two reasons, it simply shows you some of the messages like " user not found" in place of the following button.

If someone blocked you must do some of the following steps to confirm that you are blocked.

1. Search by names

One of the easiest way to look out someone profile and confirm that you are blocked by the person on Instagram by searching the username in the search bar.

For this type 2 username in such war and hate inter if you see blank page on Instagram that it confirms the person has blocked you for a short while. Sometimes it also shows no result found.

2. By sending messages

Instagram most of the people send messages on DMs and with another group you can clearly send messages to each other like other social media. If you are blocked by someone try to send a message and also check for more information which is available on the right- top corner of the messaging window.

You can also invite them to chat either personally or in a group where you can check out if the person has blocked you.

If you say no post to show and maybe the person has blocked you with a public and private profile. Now you can also try to follow him if it will give you Requested message which will ensure you that you are not blocked because it is in process.

3. By video calling

Another smart way to confirm that someone blocked you is by making a call the person. Latest Instagram update comes with video calling feature now it is easy to chat and also make a video call with your friends and families.

Now simply make a video call if it says " unable to make the call" then it is the probability the reason that you are blocked by the person.

But if you saw that the video calling is connecting and still ringing then you should be happy that you are not blocked by the person.

4. Check from another account

To ensure that you are blocked 100% you can check it back from your another Instagram account or your friend's account.
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