How to restore an iPhone

Every person in the word is almost is the iPhone user and we restore iPhone with pictures videos and Other related stuff. Most of the user worried about their iPhones and they can face deletion of our personal stuff.

Some time we lost our phone forever so this way we need to restore an iPhone in any case.

Apple introduces lots of incredible easiest way to restore an iPhone with your own choice. If you are iPhone user you must back up your files on a weekly and monthly basis it will help you to restore your phone back to the original whenever your phone smashed stolen or replaced by someone.

Today I am going to show you some of the quickest methods where you can easily restore your iPhone without any worry.

1. Restore iPhone from iCloud

One of the best and easiest method to restore your iPhone is by taking a backup of your files in iCloud. If you lost your phone at any place there is still hope because iCloud is the most important and best way to take a restore of your iPhone.

With your all personal stuff most of the people know about iPhone and it is automatically enabled on your iPhone devices on the first use. If you forget to enable iCloud backup it will also prompt you to take backup.

How to restore iPhone with iCloud?

It is the easiest way a to take backup and restore of your iPhone from iCloud by using your Apple ID account.

1. First, you need to log into your Apple ID account.

2. Now take the full backup of your iPhone with iCloud

3. Now go to the iPhone setting menu and click on your name and then and on the iCloud setting.

4. Now it's time to take iCloud backup and then refresh it again.

5. Now, whenever you want to recover your photos on your iPhone or by using Windows on your laptop you can simply fidget and where you can get your all of the image from this website.

Restore iPhone from iTunes backup

Another best method to restore your iPhone is by using iTunes. For this, you have to do some of the following setups.

1. Plug in iPhone into a laptop and then open it on.

2. Now you can clearly see an iPhone icon picture on the top left corner of the page click this to getting started.

3. Now in the first option which is the summary of your iPhone device you can clearly see restore options

4. There are two types of restore buttons available in the summary of your iPhone.

Is used for the most recent iCloud backup while the second one is used for specific backup where you can choose manually restoring of your images which can be saved earlier through iTunes.

iPhone backup without iTunes

Most of the time we did not use iTunes for backup and restore because we are not using iTunes since the Winamp days. But how to take backup and restore of iPhone without iTunes?

iMazing is one of the best software which is available which is fairly easy e to create a local iPhone backup without installing iTunes on your devices. Like iTunes, it has also the capability to restore and backup your iPhone and also backup with the help of iTunes whenever you need in the future.

You can easily restore your iPhone bike downloading imaging software on your laptop and I just visiting home screen you can get restore option on the page.

I hope you can get the best way to restore your iPhone and take backup without any problem.
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