Tesla unveils its next generation supercharger

Recently Tesla introduces futuristic electric cars supercharger and also claim that it will be the super fast charger for electric automobiles in the world.

Future is here many electric car manufacturing and automotive energy companies are introducing new technology in this new era. Tesla which is one of the best and the world most electric car manufacturing leading company now introduced the fastest charger ever.

This fastest charger is the next generation charging hub for every electric car. It has the capacity to add 75 miles of range within a few minutes.

This new charger is V3 Supercharging almost there are 12,000 Superchargers across North America and also in other continents like Europe and Asia. There are a number of networks covered by Tesla not only in US population but also in China which is growing very fast.

Along with electric car adoption, the needs of electric car charging are on high. For 30 reasons Tesla introduce V3 supercharging in different countries of the world.

These superchargers are the world largest grid-connected batteries which will able to charge your electric vehicle in just a few minutes.

Features of V3 Superchargers

V 300 per charger has the capability to charge a vehicle at a maximum rate of 250 kW. The model is based on the Tesla Model 3 sedan competition of new battery charger. In respect to other charger models like Model S and X, it is much more different from these and the twice of maximum rate gain.

This new model 3 has its own unique features which will cover 75 miles in just 5 minutes of charging and 1000 miles per hour. With this new V3 supercharging tool it will cut off the charging of an average 50% for the customer time spending on charging.

Along with this new charging Technology Tesla is also working on the electric vehicle software to detect the optimal temperature of charging.

Tesla is also rolling out the new advanced software in electric vehicles which is called On-Route. It has the ability to enable the engine and also indicate us whenever we got optimal charging in our electric vehicles with heating and optimal temperature.

On-Route Battery Warmup is soon will be available in next week.
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