Most Important IT Conferences in 2019

The best IT conferences and technology events that you can attend in 2019. We have prepared a complete article for professionals of new technologies, in which we combine the events organized by some of the largest technology companies on the planet with these vertical events in the yes or yes, you have to be. Take note, do not miss anything and book now the dates that interest you most.

IBM Think

IBM Think is a conference that focuses on mobility, cloud computing, security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and artificial intelligence solutions. The goal of this year's edition is to help companies build "truly cognitive and customer-focused digital companies."
  • San Francisco / February 12-15

Mobile World Congress

One more year, Barcelona becomes the capital of mobility and mobile devices in February. Next, to the last generation terminals, the MWC is the reference space to talk about 5G, AI, digital well-being, online trust, IoT, etc.
  • Barcelona / February 25-28

RSA Conference

RSA Conference is one of the largest cybersecurity events in the world, in which attendees discover the latest technology and interact with the main leaders and pioneers of computer security worldwide.
  • San Francisco / March 4-8

DataWorks Summit

DataWorks Summit is the reference event for experts in Big Data and data analysis. The assistants will be able to know the last tendencies an analysis of big data volumes, machine learning, AI, free software developments and much more.
  • Barcelona / March 18-21

Game Developers Conference

The Game Developers Conference is the most important event for the video game development industry. All professionals who have something to say in the present and the future of this industry meet in an event in which the latest trends are analyzed, their application to new devices and their alignment with the technologies available in the sector.
  • San Francisco / March 18-22

Adobe Summit

Adobe Summit is the reference event for Adobe's partners and customers. Four days of immersion in the Adobe world in which professionals will be able to catch up with the latest tools, data analysis applications, and practical workshops to grow your business.
  • Las Vegas / March 24-28

Atlassian Summit 2019

If tools such as Jira, Confluence or Trello have managed to make their own space in your company, you can not miss the next Atlassian Forum. A unique event in which industry experts will show you how the way your teams work and collaborate to be more productive can be transformed.
  • Las Vegas / April 9-11

Google Cloud Next

Google Cloud Next is the reference event for users and companies that use Google's cloud platform. In the conference, the latest news in the cloud world is often announced, the best case studies are put to value and tons of information and courses are offered to make the most of the cloud.
  • San Francisco / April 9-11

Slack Frontiers 2019

The world of business collaboration is a must in Slack Frontiers 2019. Since this startup has proposed to reinvent email, thousands of companies around the world use their software to communicate better. In addition to the latest news, the event is an appointment for developers and integrators who want to make the most of Slack's possibilities.
  • San Francisco / 23-25 April

F8 - Facebook Developer Conference

Every year Facebook announces in F8 the main novelties that developers and companies working on its platform have to take into account. It is here where it is revealed how the algorithm of this social network will change for next year and the space preferred by Marck Zuckerberg to get investors some of the most important announcements of the company both short and medium term.
  • San Jose / April 30 - May 1

Dell Technologies World 2019

Attendees at Dell Technologies World 2019 will have the opportunity to get to know first-hand the experts who are making the future digital transformation a reality in large and small companies. A unique event to talk about the most cutting-edge technologies that are making their way into the business market.
  • Las Vegas / April 29 - May 2

DockerCon 2019

Containers, containers and more containers. DockerCon is a great event to talk about what is probably the technology that most "pull" has at this time in the business market. All companies with a DevOps strategy or Agile methodology in the application deployment meet here.
  • San Francisco / April 30 - May 2

Build 2019

Build is an annual conference with Microsoft developers and probably the most important event held by the software giant throughout the year. BUILD 2019 will be the opportunity for Microsoft to talk about its latest tools and technologies for developers, including solutions for the cloud, artificial intelligence, Web, the Internet of Things and client software such as Windows or Office.
  • Seattle / May 6-8

Google I / O 2019

Google I / O is the event designed by and for the developers of the Google applications and services system. Usually, the new features that are going to be incorporated into the new versions of Android are shown, but also to other operating systems of the company such as Chrome OS or Wear OS. In addition, the celebration of the event usually coincides with the presentation or announcement of new hardware devices.
  • Mountain View / 7-9 May

Red Hat Summit

The one that is the most important free software company in the world celebrates its first Red Hat Summit after its acquisition a few months ago by IBM. An essential event for lovers of free software of course, but above all for those who want to make the most of technologies such as cloud, containers, server virtualization and much more.
  • Boston / May 7-9

Sapphire Now

SAP solutions are one of the most widely used business management software offerings by companies around the world. Its annual event, Sapphire Now brings together representatives of more than 20,000 companies from five continents in each edition.
  • Orlando / May 7-9

Global Robot Expo 2019

Global Robot Expo has become a purely professional event for all innovators that generate business in robotics. The integration of technologies for the industry, aerospace, final consumer, health and business creates a unique atmosphere to teach the most disruptive technologies. Global Robot Expo is also a place to share knowledge with speakers from all over the world taking the stage to discuss the latest trends.
  • Madrid / May 8-9

Internet of Things World

More than 13,000 professionals from the Internet of Things industry meet annually at the Internet of Things World. An essential event to understand where the IoT is headed, what are the main challenges it has to overcome and discover the latest trends in the sector.
  • Santa Clara / May 13-16

VeeamON 2019

One of the largest and fastest growing conferences focused on data protection and management. Although it is very customer-oriented for Veeam, it is worth going through many of its conferences and practical workshops.
  • Miami / May 20-22

DES Show 2019

The digital fair in Madrid, Digital Enterprise Show, will count this year with the participation of more than 300 technology companies. In parallel, it organizes a congress that will give voice to 450 of the best digital experts in the world. What is one of the youngest fairs in the sector, already brings together more than 21,000 visitors every year to discuss how digital changes the business and acquire new knowledge and skills.
  • Madrid / May 21-23

Citrix Synergy

Citrix Synergy is one of the most important conferences in the industry on digital business transformation. Citrix Synergy shares solutions to ensure that organizations and their infrastructures can scale. This event covers topics such as application delivery and networks in the cloud, security, application virtualization, and VDI, business mobility or cloud services.
  • Atlanta / May 21-23

Computex 2019

Computex Taipei is the largest computer fair in Asia. It involves large technology companies from around the world. It's differential aspect is that many of these companies have R & D centers in Taiwan, so this fair attracts observers, analysts, and journalists from all over the globe.
  • Taipei / May 28 - June 1

WWDC 2019

A list of upcoming events in the city of San José has confirmed that WWDC 2019 will take place from June 3 to 7, a date that has not been officially confirmed by Apple, but that fits perfectly with what we have seen in years. previous
WWDC is a great global event for Apple's developers and in which the news is announced in the different operating systems of the apple company. In addition, it always coincides with different hardware releases of the company.
  • San Jose / June 3-7

Cisco Live

Cisco Live examines the latest news, innovations, products, and services that Cisco offers its partners and customers. In addition to conferences and executive sessions, Cisco Live is the event in which to be up to date on the world of IT management of the business network.
  • San Diego / June 9-13

HPE Discover

HPE Discover is the annual event in which HPE presents the news with which it wants to prop up the digital transformation of companies. A space in which the latest innovations in servers and data centers, storage management, or the intelligent use of network infrastructure are presented. HPE Discover is also an event that stands out for offering hundreds of practical sessions and guiding CIOs in the processes of digitizing their companies.
  • Las Vegas / June 18-20

IFA 2019

IFA is a great European event of consumer technology. The main brands in the world show some of the most leading products in the market in categories such as computers, televisions, appliances, smartphones and all kinds of smart devices.
  • Berlin / September 6-11

Oracle OpenWorld 2019

Oracle OpenWorld is one of the most anticipated events in the technology industry since Oracle technology is present in most of the world's major companies. An event in which to discuss the latest launches of the multinational, learn the best practices of use, networking and much more.
  • San Francisco / September 15-19


From the data center to the cloud and the device, VMworld is the meeting place for VMware partners and customers, the showcase and the focus of learning for companies that want to take full advantage of the world of virtualization.
  • Barcelona / November 4-7

Microsoft Envision / Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Envision is an exclusive event, in which business and opinion leaders from around the world share knowledge, the vision of the future, innovative solutions and action plans to carry out the digital transformation of companies.
Coinciding with the previous one, Microsoft Ignite is oriented to more technical profiles, in which the technologies are placed on paper with which in the short term, Microsoft is working.
  • Orlando / November 4-8

Smart City Expo World Congress

The Smart City Expo World Congress is the most important event in the world for smart cities, offers a unique meeting point for the sectors that are part of smart cities and an innovative platform for urban action around the world.
  • Barcelona / November 29-21


Dreamforce is the great annual event of Salesforce, the reference solution in the world of CRM, marketing and finance. For this year's event, the company is expected to organize more than 2,000 technical sessions and practical workshops, so that partners and customers can get the most out of Salesforce.
  • San Francisco / November 19-22

AWS re: Invent

If anyone knows the public cloud is Amazon. AWS re: Invent is the annual conference for Amazon Web Services customers, developers, and partners. In this year's edition, Jeff Bezos' company presents more than 750 technical sessions, conferences with business leaders and practical workshops to bring any project to the cloud.
  • Las Vegas / December 2-6

Black Hat Europe 2019

The great event of computer security. A space in which not only speaks of cyber threats, exploits, and security in the cloud but also brings together the best hackers and experts in the world on the subject. A fair that does not go unnoticed by large companies, who often cast their networks here in search of the best talent in security.
  • London / 2-5 December
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