Tech Trends 2019 in Pakistan

The year 2018, we saw a significant increase in social media. It was a great year for technology and science. People and students are leaning toward technology. They are working on e-marketing. This has increased the technology trends in Pakistan.
More and more people want to know about the latest technologies. People are curious about new technology inventions. They want to know about the upcoming technology. These trends are setting a new milestone. It means that Pakistan's tech industry is booming.
We also have seen an increase in the people who want to follow the news. They want to remain updated on the latest technology news. New science inventions and innovation news attract readers. I guess this is the only reason why there is an increase in tech news sites.
People are willing to read science technology news. Short articles about technology have high viewers. They are also interested in mobile technology news.
Students and magnate are working hard to make their tech news sites more presentable. The demand for information technology news has increased. They want to read about new science invention news. People also love to read the latest articles on technology. Short articles about technology can grab more attention. As Pakistan is progressing, the tech trend has increased.
Now without further delay, let's discuss the top tech trends of 2019 in Pakistan. These trends can have a positive impact on Pakistan's IT industry.
Artificial Intelligence or AI
AI can have a significant impact on Pakistan's IT and science. It is the future of technology. Which will reform Pakistan's information and technology industry.
AI is the top trend, and many people are talking about AI. Pakistanis love to watch movies based on AI.
AI is in its early stages, but still, it has reformed the tech world. For example, we have AI chatbot features. In near future, we'll the use of AI in various fields. Engineer and medical science will use AI in future.
The government of Pakistan has also started an initiative. This initiative will help Pakistani students. They can learn about developments in the artificial intelligence field. Private firms are also working on their version of Alexa and GA. They have developed a bot named RUBA.

The Internet of Things (IoT)
The internet of things is another latest tech trend. IoT is not just in Pakistan but a global trend. This IOT trend is taking over the modern science and tech business. We can foresee that this trend will continue to grow in upcoming years.
IOT means connecting physical devices with the internet. For example, Alexa by Amazon. It can connect your physical devices like gadgets. You can give a voice command to Alexa, and it will do the job for you.
For example, if your LED is having a connection with Alexa. Ask Alexa to turn it on, and it will turn on your LED. The internet of things will impact the industries as it develops.

Virtual Reality VR
Virtual reality or VR has also seen an increase in Pakistan. It is another top tech trend of 2019. We have seen different clubs offering VR gaming. People look more interested in watching 3D movies with VR glasses. The sale of VR glasses has also increased. VR gaming has grown in youth.
This trend shows that Pakistanis love augmented reality. Many real estates in Pakistan offer VR to their customers. For example, if the location is far away. The real state owner will give a VR tour. Customer can save both time and money.
This trend is still in the trial phase in Pakistan. But now more people seem interested in VR.
Cloud Integration
Cloud integration is another popular tech trend. This trend is slowly taking over. Many companies and firms are opting for cloud solutions for their businesses. Cloud is offering the chance to the clients to save their files.
Cloud integration is also the technology of the next generation. It will eliminate the use of hardware or hard disks. People will upload their data on trusty cloud. Cloud-based solutions will affect the businesses on a large scale. It will enhance the performance and efficiency of the company. Cloud integration will save revenue. It is the future tech trend.
Cyber Security Awareness
Internet is now another world. It won't be wrong to call the internet a digital planet. As traffic has increased the risk of attacks or hacks has also increased. That is the reason why cyber security awareness has become top trend.
As the technology will advance the attackers will also find new ways. In the coming years, this trend will increase. It is the biggest threat to online businesses.
Pakistan is also working hard to improve to its cyberspace. Furthermore, Pakistan has built its first cyberspace security center. Center for cyber security is in Air institute Islamabad. The reason for CCS is to protect the cyberspace. It will also protect the cyber foundation.
It is an exciting phase of information and technology. New trends are becoming vogue. These trends will not only improve online businesses. But they will also in increasing the efficiency of industries. Pakistani's should be ready to embrace the new technology. They should work in science and technology.
If Pakistan wants to progress. They need more research centers. It is the responsibility of the government. The GOP should encourage youth. Small initiatives help youth to work in the IT sector. These trends show that Pakistani's love science and tech. If we want to progress, we should work on innovations.
Science and tech have lots of potentials. If GOP invests in this sector, this tech sector can take Pakistan out of an economic crisis. People are ready as these trends show. Pakistani's love to embrace the new technology. We should keep ourselves updated as the world is moving fast. If we want to catch them, we must work in this field. It's the only way forward to progress.
To summarize, we should work on science and tech. It is the only way out.

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